VisitorControl –
access control automation
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Wide functionality from A to Z
functionality from A to Z
Issues temporary, single-use and permanent passes
For job seekers, contractors and employees

Verifies visitors documents authenticity in just 7 seconds
significantly reducing queues at the reception

Tracks work time of employees
Exact time of entry/exit and making decision on remuneration

Flexible reports on visitors and cars, maintaining a “black” list
Flexible reports on visitors and cars, maintaining a “black” list

Booking of a place
making decision on entry/exit of a car upon application or pass

Integration capabilities
Integration capabilities
35 access control systems
No additional add-ons or complexities

4 number plate recognition systems
Suitable regardless of the solution that you already use

Active Directory
Synchronization of data about visitors and employees

Corporate portals and HRM systems
No need to reject the solutions the employees are accustomed to

Flexibility of interaction with third-party software

Manufacturability and flexibility
Performance and flexibility
Latest web interface
No installation of the distribution kit is required, just network connection

Mobile application for IOS and Android
Get data and control employees from anywhere in the world

Documents and facial recognition features
The system prevents access of violators

QR codes and RFID
Flexible deployment and configuration of equipment

Telegram bot
Just write him a message, and he will take care of the rest

Which companies are suitable?

Convenient filing and approval of applications for pass, visitors control

Government institutions
Automation of visitors reception, no queues, costs reduction

Business centers:
Convenient filing of applications for a pass, optimization of reception

Residential complexes
System for controlling and tracking the entry of residents, visitors and company vehicles

Transport/warehouse centers:
Tracking of entry/exit of trucks and cars

Manufacturing enterprises:
Effective control of materials delivery and removal of finished products

Medical institutions
Pre-registration, cancellation and control of visitors of patients

Managing the visitors cars parking, use scheduleof landing stage

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